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Are you looking for the real estate agent that sells or lists the most homes in the Wickenburg area? If so I’m not that agent.

I don’t play the numbers game by buying up lists of names/addresses from some marketing firm to send out a post card some faceless person that I don’t know.

I’m a different type of person, my success hinges on building lasting relationships with people that have a desire to find their perfect home or space in Wickenburg that is just right for them.

I know, you’re probably thinking right now “why do I need a real estate agent to do this for me; I could save my money and deal with the buyer or seller myself.” But you only need to look back the last few months and see all the horror stories about people just like you to realize, to be successful in today’s real estate market you need a professional by your side. Someone to be with you every step of the way who will guide you through all the nuances of the sales contract, to find that hidden gem, to introduce you to others in the lending industry and all other professionals that will help you along your journey.

This is why I’m not like every other agent in Wickenburg; I don’t play into their numbers game. I build long lasting relationships with the people I work for and share with them the process of fulfilling their dream, to become their personal real estate assistant.

Are you interested in establishing a relationship with your own personal real estate assistant and find that home you’ve always dreamed about. Or to find that one special buyer who is actually interested and can buy your home?

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